From the President

Stephen Lessnick, MD, PhD
2017 President of CTOS

The Connective Tissue Oncology Society is a multi-disciplinary organization that brings together a diverse group of individuals, and in doing so, stimulates collaboration and friendships, sharing of information and ideas, and ultimately helps to advance the care of patients with sarcomas.

This is an important mission that continues to resonate. CTOS has seen extraordinary growth over the past two decades. We now have over 1000 members with over 1100 meeting attendees in Lisbon in 2016! There were attendees from 45 different countries and there were over 450 abstracts. We have increasing interest from pharma, from patient advocacy groups, from allied healthcare providers, from media, and from other interested parties and stakeholders.

This extraordinary growth raises an important question for the society: How do we maintain our friendly and collaborative environment while taking advantage of new opportunities that a larger membership and meeting attendance affords?

It is my hope that we can all work together to answer this question.

As a first step, we completed a member-survey in January 2017. The broad feedback we received will be used to help guide the next steps for CTOS. This will be an exciting year for the society as we work to define the scope of our mission and develop new strategies to harness the enthusiasm of our membership!

I am extremely honored and humbled to serve as CTOS President for 2017. I am excited to work with the members, the Board and the Executive Director, to ensure that CTOS continues to be the preeminent organization focused on sarcoma.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Hawaii this year!